Friday, 24 January 2014

"I used to think I was the strangest person in the world..."

Happy 2014 to all our followers!

I have had a delay in getting back to writing as blogger wouldn't let me log in for about 3 weeks for no discernible reason what so ever. 

I am excited to get back to committing to this blog. I've done a lot of soul searching over the past year and finally feel ready to push myself creatively again. 
Something I haven't really spoken about in detail on this blog is my love for art, and how the works of 20th century painters have helped me form my identity and personal style. This is something I hope to share with you this year. I will leave you with one of my favourite quotes that my mother sent me this morning, to remind me that I am not alone. I have spoken to a lot of women who have found friendship and comfort in the online vintage community, and I hope it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside as well.

“I used to think I was the strangest person in the world but then I thought there are so many people in the world, there must be someone just like me who feels bizarre and flawed in the same ways I do. I would imagine her, and imagine that she must be out there thinking of me too. Well, I hope that if you are out there and read this and know that, yes, it's true I'm here, and I'm just as strange as you.”

- Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo
Las Dos Fridas
Oil on Canvas
Museum of Modern Art Mexico City, Mexico

Lots of Love 

Harriett xx

Monday, 14 October 2013


Well this has been a long time coming! After months of deliberation and stalling we are finally back to blogging. This year has been filled with some of the most wonderful and heart breaking experiences for both Aimee and myself. We have seen friends get married, relationships end and new ones flourish. We have been let down by those we trusted but at the same time have come to treasure those people who hold a truly special place in our hearts. We are sorry we haven't treasured our readers in the same way, but with so much going on it has been incredibly hard for us to focus on creative matters and bring you anything exciting or inspiring! However hopefully this is all about to change and we can continue to keep this blog as a positive, light hearted and creative space to share with you the things we love and the places we travel.  Below are a few images we took messing about in my new flat in front of my partners 1965 Hammond Organ we recently received from a generous soul on FreeCycle. They are just some simple photos to show you that we are both still alive and well, paired with a few paragraphs filling you in on the changes this year has brought us. Note how long Aimee's hair has got! 

Harriett Wears: 
Victorian Piano Shawl: Snoopers Paradise Brighton
Stockings: What Katie Did

Aimee Wears:
1930's Satin Gown: Ebay
1920's Scarf as Belt: Gift from Harriett


After 6 months of bitter unemployment I finally found myself a job thanks to my good friend Sophie Von Der Goltz. I have now taken over her position at a contemporary art gallery in Mayfair. Although the contemporary scene isn't really my bag it is all part of a grander plan to gain experience in the art world to then apply for a scholarship to study a MA in Art History next year. In July after 9months of living in what can at best be described as a glorified squat, Aimee and myself moved out of our joint house. I am now living in a beautiful flat with my partner and cat in Stoke Newington. As much as our old house was a shit hole, I do miss coming home to Aimee in her Pj's with the kettle on. At this present time I am happier than I have been in years. My self esteem is no longer non existent. I have learnt not to stress the little things and to find happiness wherever I can.  I have a garden I have planted, I have stopped bleaching my hair, and I haven't shaved my legs in about 4 months. Life is fantastic. 


It is difficult to put time into words, I think much of the past year has been one of the most difficult periods of my life. It has certainly held the most changes. I have experienced a hell of a lot, new homes, friendships, health changes, relationship status's and have also been really focusing on my work life. My life is still in a state of constant change and that's fine. Change is good.

Love from Harriett & Aimee


Monday, 1 April 2013

Harriett's Ebay Sale!

Hi there everyone, don't worry we haven't given up on the blog, just taking some time each to consider which direction we would like Bright Young Twins to take, as well as focusing on other aspects of our lives such as careers, relationships and eating loads of food. We should be back soon with a fresh spell of enthusiasm. 

In the mean time I have been working hard to scale down my vintage collection as yet again it has become completely out of hand. Now I live with my partner there really isn't the space I used to have for hoarding. I'd also really like to make it to Paris this summer and due to my current state of semi employment the holiday kitty is also now empty. 

So every week I will be selling a selection of items on my eBay account, many of which have been featured on outfit posts in the past. 

If you would like to take a look at what is up for grabs please visit this link,

Harriett's eBay Shop

I am offering a 10% discount for blog readers so if you win an item just send me a message referencing that you are a Bright Young Twins reader and I will invoice you with your discount! Thanks so much for being such patient readers and stick around, we will try and make it worth it! 

I shall leave you with a selection of items which will be up for grabs! Best wishes to you all 

Harriett xxx

Early 1940s Jacket, bought on one of our trips to Berlin. 

Pretty 1950s Lucite and shell bag from when I visited Canada. 

Late 1940s strapless blue evening gown, also from Canada.

1950s Basket bag from my basket bag obsession period.

1940s coat, a gift from my friend Sophie, all profit from this
sale will go towards a dinner date for Sophie and I! 

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Kimonos, Kaftans and Christmas!

We Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, although we have not
been able to blog as regularly as we would like, we have defiantly been thinking about
you all and want to thank you for staying with us for another year. It really means the world. 

The reasons for our lack of blogging is the same as always, Aimee has been working her arse off, and I am never in the Country. I've been Lucky enough to visit Vienna and Berlin, where I am writing this now! So moments together to write posts have been very few indeed.

However we have committed together to really put our all into our blog this year, starting with a new layout and header we have in store. So in the mean time here are some outfits we wore Just before the Christmas Holiday season when we went shopping for gifts. 

Don't worry I haven't ditched my Ms Havisham look, it's just that in the winter my lovely white skirts drag along in the rain and get all mucky, so alternative looks have to be found 

Aimee Wore:
Silk Kimono:  Antiques Market 
Silver Cross Necklace: Antiques Market Berlin
Blue Oval Necklace: Gift
Scarf: Secret History Vintage
1930s Fox Fur: Beyond Retro 
1930's Slip: A gift from Sophie 

I wore: 
Fez Hat: Charity Shop
Cross Necklace: Charity Shop 
1960's Kaftan: Secret History Vintage
1930's Shoes: Paper Dress Vintage 

All our Love

Harriett & Aimee

Sunday, 25 November 2012

We're not Dead!

We just moved house.... together!!!!! It's been a long time coming but we finally share a home together in Lower Clapton. It's a big 5 bedroom Victorian house and despite its quirks we are making it feel cosy. Hence why we have been pretty absent from the blog world lately. Naughty us. However we changed out of our pyjamas for a stroll along Chatsworth road Sunday market today, and since we've had a lot of feed back asking 
for more outfit posts we thought we would share what we wore.





1960s Dress: Mauer Park flee market Berlin 
1960s Boots: Arkonaplatz flee market Berlin
Tights: Borrowed from Aimee
Floral Head dress: Handmade by me at Lady of the Flowers. Contact to order your own! 




1980s Dress: Gift from Pandora
Kimono: Vintage Arcade. 
Cat Earrings: Charity Shop
Oval Necklace: Gift
Cross Necklace: Antique Store in Berlin
Tights: Primark
Shoes: Office

The sign we are posing in front of  may or may not have been stolen from outside our neighbours garden by our flatmates after a heavy night, if by any chance our neighbours are reading this... Sorry.

Harriett & Aimee xxx

Friday, 9 November 2012

Besame Give Away with What Katie Did!

Hey fabulous, 

So you've probably been wondering where the hell your favorite gruesome twosome have been right? Well we're currently in the process of moving in a big house together (with lots of friends and my boyfriend, Sam), so we've been super busy. More to the point, the job I was speaking about on my last post is keeping me very busy. I can now reveal that the company I've been working with is faux Vintage lingerie brand 'What Katie Did'! If you don't know of 'What Katie Did', the company produces fabulous reproduction lingerie and hoisery and also stocks Besame make up and Bernie Dexter dresses too.  My job mainly focuses on writing the What Katie Did blog and I am absolutely elated to be writing professionally so quickly. I am aiming to make the blog a very varied and topical space with heaps of personality. I am very happy at What Katie Did, its a very challenging and rewarding position.
I'd absolutely love it if you traveled over to the What Katie Did blog to read more of my writing and follow my journey with the brand

To celebrate What Katie Did are generously giving away three Besame Rouges. Besame is a fabulous retro makeup brand who make high quality products in beautiful packaging. We picked the rouge as its so timeless, perfect for a 'whimsical' (God I hate that word) look like ours or a 40s prim look, or a 50s pin up look, or a 30s look, or eclectic, or even non-vintage! The possibilities are endless people!


Looks great as matching lip balm too. The rouge is packaged in a beautiful vintage style tin, no more grim plastic covers. 

The competition runs for one week from today to Friday the 16th at midnight. 
Enter the competition here and fill in your details daaaarlings! 


Saturday, 20 October 2012

The art of blogging and LOTF outtakes

Hey all,

So some of you may know that I've recently landed a new job. I have left my job at the National History Museum to work with a fabulous company where I will be working in their press department as well as writing their blog. I am SURE that I'll be sharing more details with said company soon, however, I may be keeping this separate. Anywho, we get a lot of emails about how we got this far with Bright Young Twins. Of course our blog isn't perfect, we both don't post as much as we'd like, (and please don't think us 'up ourselves') however, heres our best advice.

Pick yourself a good name and stick to it. The best blog names are the ones that you can remember off the top of your head. Fleur's 'Diary of a Vintage Girl' is a great example of a great name. It just does says what it says on the tin.

Okay, so you've just started your first blog and you keep writing, why is no one reading? Why is it just your cat, nan and psycho ex making the stats? Harriett and I had this for quite a while when we first started. A good way to keep things in motion is obvious shit like commenting on other people's blogs. You must read other blogs right? So take the time to comment. One of the main reasons me and Harriett started the blog is because people came up to us in the street to photograph our outfits or to talk about clothes. Heres an idea, why not tell them? Write it down on a bit of paper, explain you're just getting started but would love them to read it. If you've got something good it'll spread like wild fire. This happened to us with Style EastWayne Tippetts and a few others.

Find your niche. Whats the point of writing another Vixen VintageFashion Forestry or Andi B Goode? If you wanted to read about an amazing red head who sticks all manner of crazy beautiful head dresses in a Vice style photoshoots then you'd read Nicole's awesome blog right? It took me and Harriett a while to find our niche, it came when we got more creative with clothes and more ahem creative with words. Theres a million great ideas out there, make sure no one can do it like you. 

Lovely lovely original content. Okay, so a lot of bloggers do the whole reblogging over images, but on the whole the best blogs (in my humble opinion) are the ones who produce great writing and photographs. Would you read our blog if we constantly compiled together other ladies' images? Probably not. 

Hang on in there! Rome wasn't built in a day, look at all your favourite bloggers, I doubt their Smorgasbord of loyal followers didn't appear over two days. Keep going, digits aren't everything. If you've put together a great blog with some good quality content then I think thats something to be proud of. 

I hope this helps, lots of love. 
Aimee xx

Got any advice? Think we're wrong?