Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Welcome From The Bright Young Twins

Welcome to our humble blog, regarding all things old

We are two women stuck in a time warp who
have united to bring you the best of vintage fashion,
lifestyle and craft in and around London town. We both
intend to share our deepest vintage style secrets,
tips and tricks so stay tuned and I hope you enjoy
reading our endeavours! We would love to see you all
dress to the nines and jiving the night away in this
grand city some time soon, so don't ever be to coy to
come and say hello.

We each wrote a brief introduction about one another
in the hope it would help you get to know us both a
little better, so without furtherdelay Lets introduce


Originally living Eastbourne and Brighton, Harriett
Henderson has been collecting vintage clothing since
she was around twelve. Local legend to many,
Harriett was flouncing her style around town long
before retro fashion hit its pin-curled head into
Brighton and London trends.Living in Eastbourne,
Harriet has been collecting the clothes and
accessories of many stylish old ladies from local
charity shops. Harriett also lived in Brighton
where she found her favourite antique and flea
markets such as “Snooper’s paradise”.

Like many oddballs Harriett took sanctuary in books and sheltered herself as a librarian’s assistant in Hastings. Harriett moved to London with her Canadian sweetheart, Travis, in September 2009. In her travels to Canada, she found an untapped Vintage resource in the thrift stores of Edmonton, Alberta. Harriett famously bought so much she had to leave a lot behind! She plans to bring a empty suitcase on her next trip!
Harriett’s favourite era is the 1930’s, however she has vintage ranging from the Victorian period to the best part of the 1980’s. Harriett is hat mad and frequently earns the nickname “Hattie the hat lady”. Harriet has over forty hats, her hats vary from turban, to flapper hat, to fascinator. Often challenging the usual interpretation of vintage, Harriett’s knowledge of historical accuracy and unusual accessorising makes her style contemporary yet timeless.
As a best friend, Harriett is kind, generous and compassionate, which constantly reminds me of how lucky I am to know her.


Aimee E C Hall is a London girl born and bread, corsetry assistant and full time vintage enthusiast. Our eyes first met across our university lecture hall and from the start I could tell we where going to be as thick as thieves. Her Love for all things 1940’s paired with her down to earth demeanour truly make her the loveliest lady in town. Often seen in a skin tight wiggle dress, full-fashioned seams and elegantly tied hair turban, Aimee is the image of a late forties fashionista, her dark curls always perfectly coiffured into a delicate up do or graceful pageboy bob. Although she has been known to put her foot down on some of my more eccentric vintage items, (a few feather adorned hats spring to mind) she does also play with other decades dabbling in the early 50’s, black lace ball gowns and ruby red lips, as well as the late 30’s, strict school principle knitted jersey and white collared blouse. Aimee’s main weakness is lingerie, though she has also been known to break out shivers over tapestry bags, 1940’s work wear (khaki slacks), and marquisette jewellery. Lately she’s been on a 1920’s peach kick fuelling many fruitless charity shop rummages, and tearful coffee breaks. A true femme fatal, never seen out of heels, Aimee’s look is classic feminine and flirtatious vintage, yet seductive and understated. Her vampish sensibilities teamed with raven black hair and impeccably groomed look make her a force to be reckoned with in the Vintage world. I love this girl to death, who else could I drag around second hand stores for hours in four-inch heels and be thanked?


  1. Hey! What a great first post. Very nice to have a proper introduction to you both. Glad you like the photo, Aimee. I see Harriet around all the time on Brick Lane too and only haven't stopped her as my friend Nicole photographed her before. But next time I most certainly will!

    Have posted a link to your blog under the photo. Good luck with it, I for one will be staying tuned

  2. Great first post, I can't wait to read more about your vintage world :)
    See you tomorrow for Indian

  3. I'm really excited to see more of you! I wish I could go around Manila in clearly 1930s or 1940s inspired outfits, but unfortunately, it is well nigh impossible to find vintage clothes here. Over 90% of the city was demolished during the war and it was goodbye grandmother's wardrobe. :(

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  4. Gosh thats a lot of vintage gone, you can still get it imported though, America tends to be the best if you are dedicated enough to pay the postage! I imagine you could achieve a similar look with high street brands also xx

  5. Oh my goodness, I just started reading this, and am wondering if you are referring to Divine and Decadence in Edmonton? And if not, you must tell me where as I reside in Edmonton.