Thursday, 28 October 2010

A modern pin up's guide to lingerie: suspender belts and girdles

This blog started off as a basic guide to all lingerie, but it struck me that I could write posts and posts on different lingerie, so lets go back to basics; suspenders belts and girdles.

Before one can even think of buying lingerie, one has to ask herself, "practical or pretty?". The word "practical" can send shivers down her spine, however, help is here! I know you! You want something to wear everyday, something that will hold up your stockings, pull you in and sit comfortably. BUT, it must be pretty. Gosh, what a problem! However, I find the practical lingerie perhaps the most satisfying underwear to get right!

Roll on Vargas girdle by Kiss me deadly, sold by £25

A good suspender belt or girdle is essential to any pin ups wardrobe. Let's face it seamed tights (tried and tested!) just don't keep seams in place and there is nothing like the vintage feel of stockings. The hunt for the perfect suspender belt can be a chore, one would think spending good money in some where like Agent Provocateur would provide a decent suspender belt: WRONG. Painfull, but true, even expensive brands can deliver flimsy belts made only for "bedroom use". In all honesty the quality of the belt is comparable to Ann Summers. This is not to say I dislike Agent Provocateur, but that's a whole different blog post!

When looking for a good belt, it is important to look for the following;

- Six or more suspenders
Never go for the four strap option, four straps scream "bedroom use" and low durability.

- Metal clips
Don't pick plastic, again plastic are not durable on a day to day basis.

- A good fit
It sounds obvious, however buying a belt that is too loose will just pull your stockings down. No one wants to feel self conscious that any minute their stockings will fall. Pick a tight belt over a loose one to avoid embarrassment. Like a bra, a suspender belt will stretch with use so the tighter, the better!

Deep Harlow suspender belt by £29.50

I favour girdles over suspender belts as they keep a tighter fit. Therefore stockings are less likely to fall. Also to add to their practicality, they can act as a more aesthetically pleasing pair of "magic knickers" or "spanx". I also feel they just look more vintage.

Sr-seduce girdle by Stockings and Romance for £35

As a lingerie fiend and lingerie seller, my recomended shops for girdles and suspender belts are:,,, and

Good luck in your hunt, I have enjoyed this post so I'm sure I'll write more about lingerie. As a corsetry assistant, I will have to write one on corsets!





  1. I really liked this post! I wish I was girly enough to bother with suspenders and the like but alas.

  2. I am liking the practical aspects to girdle suspenders - clearly much more suitable for the more mature mother.

  3. cool post aimz. i miss the days of coming to visit you in goth mother and getting tempted by all the pretty underwear! xx

  4. Thank you for this one! I'm on the hunt our here in America for a good corset and girdle. Have you considered using fashion tape to help keep the seams in place? If it can keep a nip-slip from happening, it should be able to work on the legs. Either that or wig glue might help.

  5. Useful post! I was trying to decide whether to go for an AP belt or just a sturdy one from Primark or whatever, so now I know to find something with more straps & metal clips.

    Are there any real advantages to boning in a suspender belt, other than strength/shaping? I've seen a couple that use it, but they were cheaper brands.

    1. Hmm I imagine just shaping thats normally why they're put in. is a really great starting one that isn't a girdle. xx

  6. Yay! Great Post! I've always been a bit of a lingerie fiend but it's only now I'm starting my collection. I'm definitely going to invest in a good girdle first.

  7. This is so good! I just came across your blog yesterday and have been perusing it in between essay writing. I was wearing a suspender belt yesterday and was getting so frustrated throughout the day as it was falling down...and just as you say it only has four clasps! Thanks for all the tips but would you recommend buying them second hand? There are a bunch on etsy that I have been looking at but perhaps this isn't the best way to go? What do you think?

    1. Thanks doll! I'm on my last essay as it goes...hmmm!
      Personally I don't really wear old sus belts as I WRECK new ones due to the sheer amount I wear them. I don't enjoy wrecking old things. However, I've got a few that I wear occasionally (e.g. the one that harriett is wearing is my 40's NHS girdle.
      I think I'd recommend new ones for everyday and new ones for special unless perhaps you're not as hard on your things as I am :) Axx