Sunday, 17 October 2010

Street Style Aesthetic

In a bid to catch you up with our general lives, I'll be posting a few short blogs in between our features. Here is one of them. In the summer we were both rather chuffed to separately have our pictures taken for Street Style Aesthetics, a blog we enjoy. Here are the photos and links to Wayne’s blog.

Here is Harriett in early August, her inspiration for this look was a working wartime lady, the look is practical yet ladylike with gloves and lipstick.

A little later in August, Wayne from street style aesthtic caught me working. I am wearing a early 40's suit jacket (a present from Harriett, we have a matching pair!) from This Shop Rocks, my Nanna's fur, my work uniform and shoes from Office.

Be sure to visit the rest of Wayne's site for some other foxy fashionistas!

Love Aimee xxx

Bright Young Twins


  1. Two very stylish ladies, I snapped Harriet looking o-so-chick a few weeks ago is the link of her photos

  2. thanks for the lovely comments ladies xx