Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Eloping to Lewes

This Saturday, Aimee and I eloped away from London to do a wee bit
of antique shopping, dragging our friend Erika along in tow. Lewes is a
small town in East Sussex close to where I grew up. It's highstreet is
littered with flee markets, antique stores and charity shops, so as you
can imagine we were in our element!

Our day started with a large cup of coffee, we wrote lists to remind
us of what we where shopping for. Aimee was desperate to get her
hands on a pretty vintage umbrella, whilst I was after hats, as
per usual.

I fell in love with all these items, mounted butterflies, 1930's pink
plastic match case, Victorian camisole, 1930's beaded bag and 1950's
lady lamp, could you imagine when the shades on, it must look like her
hat! Unfortunately I have neither the cash or space to take them all
home with me. Luckily I have a similar little bag, must dig it out
of its draw!

A few more pretty things, I was amazed by how similar the original
fabric on the 1940's chair was to some modern 'Cath Kidston' prints.
The wedding dress was displayed with a photograph of the original
owner on her special day, doesn't she look beautiful! The date on the
back was 1947. The last snap is of a really cute hand appliqued felt
bag. I've got a bit of a felt applique fetish as Aimee pointed out in a
previous post, so I really loved this bit of needlework.

Finally I'd like to introduce Erika to everyone, she's a tote bag collecting
book reading Scandinavian and our closest friend. Here her and Aimee
are posing in front of the lewes brewery, the home of Harveys, which
since 1790 has been making traditional Sussex beer, unfortunately,
we are strictly cider or champaign ladies.

After an exhausting day of shopping, we popped into Bills, an organic
produce store and restaurant for a spot of supper and bucks fizz.
Aimee managed to find her umbrella, Erika made of with a rather
playful orange silk 50's skirt, and I grabbed a pair of 40's
summer shorts for £1! I am sure we will be sharing these with you
soon! I leave you with a picture of us with sun in our eyes.

Harriett x


  1. You both look gorgeous....love that 1930s match case, amazing! Jen.xx

  2. Thanks ladies!

    Jen: It's so pretty isn't it, If it wasn't £25 I would have made it mine, I'm a big spender but I draw the line!

    Rachy, when are you going to do our makeup? I'm desperate for your legendary smokey eyes!


  3. I love the lady lamp! And what great outfits, girls. Dressed to kill. Or shop. :)

  4. I've just stumbled across your blog and you both have the most amazing sense of style-

    I live in Lewes and glad you enjoyed your time in our little town! snoopers paradise is also one of my favorites in Brighton xx hari