Thursday, 17 February 2011

Flowers and Thifting.






We haven't had much luck in the charity shops this winter, which has caused us
a bit of a set back on compiling out spring wardrobes. Usually the second hand
stores are filled with others off casts by january but unfortunately this year
doesn't seem to be the case. However I spied an old chocolate box in the
cabinet of my local cancer research and when asking to look inside, found
these gems, my only horde of 1940's items for months. For £4 I got my hands
on these adorable hat/veil pins, hair slides on their original card, silk thread
and a pearl and bore bristle clothes brush. The flowers are ranunculus, my
favourites, given to me by my boyfriend for valentines. Have you found any
bargains lately?

Harriett x


  1. Lovely flowers! I havnt had much luck vintage hunting either lately:/

  2. It's such a same isn't it? I don't know what happened this year but I haven't found a single thing. When I visited stockholm I found the second hand shopping really great, I bought a 30's dress for 80 kroner from the charity shop near old touch! x