Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Hair Tutorial: Victory Roll Floral Updo

I often get asked how I do my hair when I'm out on the town and have been meaning
to make a tutorial for a while now, so heres how to make the style I wore today, sorry
it's not a video, I'm not feeling that brave yet! I'd love to hear some feedback on this,
whether I included enough steps of the process and such, please ask if you need
any more tips! Also I'll have some clearer pictures next time, it was dark when I
took these so unfortunately they are a little orange and shadowy!

What you will need.

1. Bobby pins in appropriate colour, in my case blonde! The more of these the merrier, it only takes a few to hold my hair but its incredibly thin so not at all heavy, I'd make sure you've got a good handful for thicker locks.

2. Hair Spray, whatever brand you prefer, I'm rather fond of L'Oreal Elnett.

3. Some sort of hair ornament, I've gone for a 30's silk flower but you could use almost any clip you fancied.

4. One elastic hair band.

5. Hair brush! The more bristles the better back-combing ability!

Step 1.

First you want to part your hair on the side and draw it into a low pony tail and the nape of your neck and secure it in place with the elastic band, leaving a small section at the front to form the front roll.

Take this section and back comb the underneath quite thoroughly until it stands out from your scalp. This is going to give you the volume you need to form the roll shape.

Step 2.

Now you want to smooth down the top strands of hair to make sure your hair is nice and neat for when you form your roll.

Step 3.

To form your front roll you need to wrap the ends of the section of hair around two of your fingers rolling it up and towards your forehead, making sure the hair remains neat and in shape with the other.

Step 4.

You may have to form the roll a few times before your happy, it usually takes me about three tries! When you have the roll in shape against your forehead, secure it with bobby pins trying to hide them as you go.

Its then time to form the back roll, take the tip of your ponytail, and in the same fashion as before, begin to roll the hair up towards the nape of your neck. When its in place secure it with a few pins. I usually find pushing them through the elastic band keeps it in place.

Step 5.

Before you pin your flower in place apply generous amounts of hairspray, especially the
front roll. You may want to gently smooth down the lose strands of hair with your hands.


Don't worry if its not as neat as you would like the first time, its took me months to master
the victory roll, and even I give up sometimes!

Harriett xx


  1. just had a go following your tutorial and have definitely managed to create a victory roll of sorts! thinking i'll need quite a bit of practice before it it looks as elegant as yours though! fab tutorial x

  2. I'm so glad it worked for you! It is 100% totally in the practise, I usually find rolls much easier to a couple of days after washing my hair when its not so fluffy and light. Also back combing the right amount really gives your hair the structure it needs not to flop over. Don't worry if it takes you 10 tries, sometimes I still give up and wrap a scarf round my head! I will post a different style tutorial with better pictures some time next week so do check back,

    Harriett xx

  3. Looks dashing Harriet! Im still trying to learn how to make victory rolls, mine never looks this good. Also, I must add, I love the blush you use!

  4. Thanks lovely, my blush is 'Peach Melba' by Mac, I've been trying to wear a pinkish tone blusher lately but I just love this one so much! x

  5. I love this look on you - I just had a go myself, it wasn't a bad attempt at all! I'll post pics up soon.

    I just found your blog - fab stuff!

    Miss P xx

  6. perfect! you are a beauty. I can't wait to try this!