Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Berlin Diary: Day 1.

Hello, Harriett here welcoming you to Day 1 of our Berlin Diary, 
We were joined on the trip with our dear friend Jess from 
I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures!
(If you want to see any of the pictures bigger then just give them a click) 

Our day started at 3 in the morning, making our way to the airport
by taxi and train for our 6 o'clock flight. By the time we boarded we where 
already a little bit delirious with lack of sleep and full of the jitters as
we where all so excited for the holiday to begin.  

Aimee and Jess heaving our hand luggage into the baggage compartment.
I was to short to be of any help in this task. If you look closely you can see
 underneath their head scarfs the rows of pin curls and bobby pins which set 
off the airport security alarms. This  resulted in both my travel companions 
needing to be taken to  the side and swiped with the metal detector to make 
sure they where not 1940's terrorists carrying those old timey bombs.

I managed to smuggle in my knitting. I think needles are technically 
not considered appropriate on an aircraft due to their potentially
weapon like shape, but I'm a lady who doesn't play by the rules! 
This sweater ain't gonna knit itself.

We are a classy bunch, so naturally we flew with easy jet. I suspect the 
pilot may have been drunk as it was a pretty bumpy flight and a particularly 
rough landing. All three of us were so excited to have arrived in Germany, 
though as we left the plane it became clear that we had landed in the middle
 of a rain storm. The air was so thick and humid we were a little worried for
 our plans for the rest of the week. 

After a long and some what stressful train journey we arrived in
 Prenzlauer Allee, our home for the holiday. This is us waiting at the
station for Anna our host to show us the way to her and her husband 
Beau's apartment. We stood outside in the rain for at least half an hour 
being harassed by drunks before we thought to check on the platform 
where we found sweet Anna waiting for us. After a short walk to their
flat we dropped off our suit cases, and headed over to Suicide Sue with
Anna for some lunch.

This is me outside the cafe, the food was absolutely delicious, in fact
it was so delicious that we completely forgot to take a picture of it before 
we scarfed it all. 

After lunch we decided to go for a walk around the neighbourhood. I was
staying in the same area in when I visited Berlin with my boyfriend so we 
made our way with relative ease. 

Although we occasionally needed to check the map.

Jess stopping to take some photographs. Cyclists in Berlin can get pretty
aggressive, especially if you are standing in their dubiously marked cycle lane.
We were at the wrong end of many an angry cyclists  through out the trip,
moments after this picture was taken we where almost mowed down for the 
first time.

After a short walk we found Memory one of my favourite Vintage shops
in Berlin. The items are all really reasonably priced, I picked up two 
amazing 40s dresses for  $35 each (around £30) last time I was in town. 

Another shot of Memory. The dress in the window was a beautiful coral 30s 
number, unfortunately it was far to big for any of us, so no bargains this time.

This is Anna our beautiful and gracious host! Thanks to her generosity we had the
most amazing trip and can't wait for her to come to London so we can return the 
favour. She has a blog over at Confessions of a Postie where she types up the
entries to a real diary written in 1953 by a London Postman, which she found whilst
on a shopping trip with us at Portobello Market. I have read further in to the diary
entries and it truly is gripping stuff, full of unexpected and often
 disturbing twists. 

In the evening she hosted a get together with traditional German cake and Elderflower 
punch.The strawberries were absolutely amazing soaking in the alcohol. Once all the
 punch was finished I fished the remainder our with a spoon!

Anna's friends Julia and her fiance Wil joined as for the evening. Julia has
 a great food blog over at Meat and Chocolate and provided us with some
great tips regarding Vintage shopping for our trip. Plus her red hair is 

Aimee and Jess utterly exhausted after such a long day, but still looking
glamorous. I was slightly more disheveled and makeup free by this point
so I am going to refrain from sharing any pictures. However Jess and I 
enjoyed giving Anna and Aimee panic attacks by climbing out onto the
scaffolding surrounding the building, then spying on the neighbours across
the street, making up names and life stories for them based on what we could 
see them doing.
After we finished our drinks we all headed to a local bar where, like most places
in Berlin, people smoke.... INDOORS! It was very nostalgic, which to us is 
always a good thing. We ate some delicious, and thankfully Ecoli free Vietnamese
food drank a few spirit mixers, then headed back to the flat for some seriously earned
snooze time. 

Read tomorrow about our Trip to the outdoor swimming pool which hovers off the 
bank of the river and Aimee's undying love for the caffeinated soft drink 'Club Mate'.
 Jess and myself also lose Aimee on the tram, and all three of us end up at a pub lock in run by with a woman who happened to walk the red carpet with Quentin Tarantino.

Harriett xx


  1. You all look so gorgeous! x

  2. Oh my goodness, you gals have too much fun! Would love to travel with you, you travel in style!

    Can't wait for your next post!


  3. Looks like you had so much fun! I have never been to Berlin, you are definitely selling it. :) Love your hat Harriett. x

  4. I LOVE your travel outfits! You must have been the cutest bunch on the plane!!! ;)

  5. ~ * ♥ * ~

    Ladies, you travel in style! It looks like you were having a great time. > u < I was glad that the last time I was on a plane I was able to take my knitting with me. It really does help to keep you occupied!!

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  6. Just love all your outfits! You are having so much fun I wish I could be there too!

  7. thanks girls for linking to my blog! Too bad I wasn't able to go shopping with you. Since I am such a bad shopper myself this would have been a huge inspiration for me... Next time, for sure!

  8. Harriet my dear, thank you so much for your lovely presents and postcard, I don´t think anyone has given me a dress before:) And the little tablecloth is lovely! Is it vintage or did you make ut yourself?

    I look forward to reading more of your Berlin adventurers. I am going there in the end of July so it´s wonderful to read about the places you visited. I promise to write you back soon!
    Love/ Elsa

  9. lucky germany to have such a noble visit!

    Love that you dared to take the knitting on the aircraft, I allways change my mind and take the crochet instead.

    I am so happy to see a halfround 60:ies bag, I have sewn a copy but never seen an original! loveit!

  10. Incredibly inspired by Aimee's airplane look. Hair scarf, big glasses, slouchy cardigan. Yes. You all look wonderful! Also, I am totally replicating that punch soon with the bottle of St Germain in my cabinet!

  11. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments guys!

    @ Elsa, you are very welcome, the little crochet doily is vintage, I look forward to your letter!

    @ Stella Rose, I will get the recipe for the punch of Anna and post it on your blog!

    Please keep on reading the Berlin Diaries, there are plenty more outfits where these came from.

    Harriett x

  12. Oh my goodness! I can't imagine looking so fashionable while traveling!! Surprised they let you take your knitting needles on the plane.

    The hardest thing I've ever traveled with was a Regency bonnet. I was flying from the U.S.A's West Coast all the way to London with my bonnets and costumes in tow in order to participate in the Jane Austen Festival (Bath) in 2009.

    You can imagine that by the end of my trip the poor bonnets was thoroughly squashed, but I had a wonderful time wearing it!

    Happy sewing,