Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Berlin Diary: Day 2.

Hallo! My loves, today's blogpost brings you day two of our girly getaway to Berlin! I hope you like holiday photos as you'll about to get of a lot more of them!  

Here's me in the morning fully recovered from the previous night's sleep of a mere two hours! I'm wearing a 50's silk dress that I bought from a charity shop on last years trip to Sweden.

Glamorous Jess waiting for the train to an art decco pool which floats on the river. 

I am hiding underneath Harriett's lovely hat as I'm wearing barely any makeup! I love Harriett's 30's sunglasses.

Here's me and Jess posing a bit in our 1950's swimming costumes. My swimming costume was probably the best thing I've ever found in a charity shop. 

Poor Anna didn't have a swim suit! 

Here's me with my new favourite drink 'Club mate'. It's a caffeinated tea drink and it's delicious!  

A beautiful old art decco house. Look at all the lovely windows.

'Where's Aimee?'
This photograph of Jess marks the terrifying point where I was separated from the gang by the tram. Transport in Berlin differs to ye olde TFL in Blighty. In London you can just shove the doors to one side, but in Germany those doors are quite forceful! I was waiting for ten minutes at the tram stop strictly instructed by Harriett's pointing finger and a stern motherly 'Wait!'. The poor dears ran all the way back to me. I must say it was a pretty scary ten minutes without any way to contact the two nor a clear sense of the way back to Anna and Beau's!

Of course we found each other and here we all are on our way to our girly night out.

We were lucky enough to have Anna's company for the first few drinks.

Lovely Anna brought us to Neu! bar in Prezlauer Berg. This is the lovely old sign barman and owner Noah found at a flea market (as far as I can recall). After a few too many drinks, we befriended Noah who thought our outfits were eccentric. Us, eccentric? Never. He invited us to a club after the bar closed, which turned into a lock in at a very old bar down town.

Here we are hobbling out of the cab with Noah.

We were greeted by lovely Dana who worked at the charming little place. Dana strangely knew Harriett's long suffering boyfriend Travis. This blew our drunken little minds. 

So at about six in the morning, we decided enough was enough! If we were ever to make 'history day', we'd have to get our sweet bums back to Beau and Anna's. But not before we done some brilliant dancing round lampposts. 

Did we make 'History day'? Did we make it back? Did we fall in love with a German film star? 
Find out in the next installment of Berlin!

Aimee xxx


  1. I love the German film star comment. Why was that not our soundtrack to Berlin!?
    Godamn beasties xx

  2. Looks like you ladies had so much fun. Once again I have Harriett hat envy. :) xx

  3. @Kelly-Marie you should see her collection, she has over 100!!!! xx

  4. Hehe a girl after my own heart then. Get her to check out my hat in my recent post, I think she'll probably approve. x