Thursday, 23 June 2011

Outfit Post: Silk Turban.

Sorry about the delay in posting the pictures from our holiday. Every time I sit down and start to upload them blogger has a break down and refuses to co-operate. Hopefully I will have them up and ready by the weekend, but until then I thought I'd share with you how I wore my hair today. Admittedly this is more of an 'item of clothing' post than outfit post, but I wasn't actually wearing a skirt, so I thought I'd save you all from seeing my pants!

1950s Scarf worn as turban: Harrods 
Blouse: (H&M) 
Both bought from charity shops.

Please be patient, the Berlin pictures should be with you soon!

Harriett x


  1. Love the colour of the turban and the blouse looks gorgeous.

  2. So gorgeous, I love a turban and this one is such a glamorous colour, beautiful. x

  3. That scarf/turban is such a beautiful color; you look so glamorous!!
    I can't wait to see the pictures from your Berlin adventures! :)

  4. You look lovely as ever!! And I want to thank you for your excellent service at Rokit. I love my new dress.

    x hanne

  5. This is so beautiful. The color/fabric of the turban and the lighting make this photo look like a painting.So,so lovely!

  6. Found you via Penny Dreadful and so glad to visit your delightful blog - mmmm ... I adore the scarf worn as turban, isn't the fabric amazing?! I also love your make-up and blouse - looking forward to returning here:)) x

  7. l have just found your blog and l love it! Such gorgeous girls and inspirational vintage styling...

  8. gorgeous color turban for a platinum blonde!! wondersul detail ~ !

  9. Wow, you look stellar!!!! I also completely understand about how crazy blogger can be. I feel like sometimes it's as glitchy as facebook! That's definitely saying something lol.