Sunday, 3 July 2011

Berlin Diary: Day 4.

My dearest followers. Aimee here with another installment from our trip, I hope you're not sick of it yet! I am lucky enough to write about day 4, which we have all decided was the best day! On this day we decided to go to Juni Flohmarkt and boating! 

You may have read in earlier posts that we're obsessed with avocado on toast for breakfast. Mmmm. Of course my breakfast comes with a cuppa tea. I brought those tea bags all the way from old blighty much to Harriett and Jess's dismay! 

Here we are in Juni Flohmarkt. This is one of many flea markets in Berlin, but one of the only Saturday markets. We didn't buy too much from this market as its rather expensive. People that I've spoken to say its one of  the touristy  markets. 

We took these pictures for Solanah as they're just like paintings she's made and she loves cats!

I was so excited to see all this old bakelite on their original stands. Unfortunately the bangles were very expensive (100euro +), but they were lovely to look at. 

A Victorian toy cat made with real cat hair. It also made a little miowing sound! 

'Where are the bargains?!'

Then we headed off to the boating place in Tiergarten which also had a beer garden.

Here's me and Jess with the vintage smut we bought. I scanned mine and blogged about it. You can see that here.

Me and Jess got a huge delicious pizza between us. YUM.

Me and Harriett having a little smooch. Why not?

Personally I think Frankenstein monster posers are hilarious when wearing wide shouldered 40's jackets! 

Unfortunately when we were eating it started to rain and we thought our boating dreams were over. Luckily the rain stopped but the lady who takes the fee for the boats disappeared into thin air. 

So we decided to commandeer the boat! Berlin Pirates ahoy! This is Beau, our host and Anna's lovely husband. 

So I was pretty terrified of falling in at first. But after a while I even mastered up the courage to have a go at rowing. Yes that's right, me, from Hackney, rowing!

Gorgeous Jess is wearing her 30's hat from ebay, my 50's blouse from ebay, topshop skirt and 20's shoes. 

Pretty little Harriett is wearing a 1930's child's P.E. uniform which looks lovely as a playsuit. 

Here I am in my late 40's dress which I bought from Spitalfields antique market.

Later in the evening we went downtown with Anna, Beau and their lovely friends. We wore our poshest 30's frocks but we didn't stay late and forgot to take photos. Doh! The last installment of our trip will be guest written by Jess. So stay tuned!

Love Aimee xx


  1. I am really enjoying your holiday pics. Thanks for sharing!
    Wish I was anywhere near having a decent holiday...

  2. Great pics. Looks like you were having so much fun. Shame that things at the market were so expensive- those Bakelite bangles look gorgeous. And avocado on toast......yumm! :)

  3. Aimee your jacket is god darn gorgeous, great pictures of you dolls x

  4. thanks ladies
    @Hannah, Harriett got me it for my birthday with a matching skirt. Its early 40's deadstock with beautiful linings etc. AND this wil blow your mind. They came in a pair and Harriett has exactly the same suit! xx

  5. I love following your adventures! That boat trip looks like a dream!

  6. Oh my goodness, how fun! And thank you a million times for posting the kitty pictures, I looooove them!

    You all look great, but I'm sure you know that ;)


  7. Oh no, I don't think I could ever get sick of travel posts. I love Harriett's uniform though I wouldn't have thought it was related in any way to PE. I can't wait for next year when my friends and I can travel together now.

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  8. I love all your beautiful hats!
    Lucille x.

  9. Yay you ladies made it to Tiergarten!| I loved it there on my visit.

  10. Stunning photos! You girls live in my dream world!

  11. you guys are soo adorable!!! <3 i love your hats!! flowers flowers flowers!! always cute always glamorous!!!
    lovely as always
    Hugs n giggles
    Miss Amethyst

  12. Utterly beautiful pictures - I discovered your blog a week or so ago from a link on the Penny Dreadful blog, and it's my absolute new favourite. I love, love, love your outfits and travel posts - very inspiring :-D

  13. I just found your blog through The Little Red Squirrel... It's unutterably divine! Am definitely going to become an avid follower!

    I love the PE costume-come-playsuit in this post. Which somehow (despite it being the wrong period) reminded me of the DDR Museum - did you get there at all? I guess I will find out in following posts! I always recommend it to people - I almost bought up the entire collection of kitsch postcards there when I went.

  14. so happy to have lots of new lovely followers!

    @miss marie, afraid not I wish I knew about it before though. It sounds great!

    A x

  15. Drooling over all those delicious bakelite bangles... The boat ride looks like such fun!

  16. your blog is just awesome! the pics are so beautiful!

  17. Beautiful pictures!

    By the way, I've given you a blog award :)