Friday, 22 July 2011

A postcard from Brighton

Bonjour all! We've been rather rubbish with blogging in the last week and I'd say sorry. But I hate it when bloggers apologise for not posting. I'm sure your your week was just as fabulous without our girly ramblings! More to the point on Monday we headed off for a mini-getaway to Brighton. As Erika is staying in Sweden for the summer and Harriett is off to Canada soon, it was a last hoorah for all the three of us for a while.  

It was of course only appropriate to reenact some fight from either 'Quadrofenia'/ 'Brighton Rock' for our mod loving fathers in front of the Grand.  

Oh the drama!

A maple leaf we found. 

Me and Erika were lucky enough to be tour guided around Brighton by Harriett, who grew up there. Here she is in front of the flat that she and her boyfriend Travis used to live. (Nwaawh cute)

Erika is my favourite Northern light!

We headed to 'Ken's' in the lanes, a greasy spoon that has various vegan options. Wahey! Me and Harriett enjoyed vegan breakfast rolls. Delicious. 

Then came some serious shopping. Harriett made off with this 30's Chinese hat and some various bits and pieces.

I bought myself two pairs of perfectly fitting 1940's shoes. They're so gorgeous and I can't wait to show you all in outfit posts!

We then met our friend Joe from university who was in town visiting a friend. We played giant Jenga.....

Erika lost twice!

We then met up with Harriett's fab mum. Who is the reigning Queen of Brighton, sausage dogs and all things Cath Kidston.  

We went to eat in 'Food for friends'. A fancy vegetarian resturant. 

 Erika's fried Risotto.

My mexican. 

Vegan chocolate taurt. 

Gooseberry cobbler with vegan raspberry ice cream.

We then went back to Harriett's folks place and hung out with the family's four sausage dogs!

 Did someone go out in the rain? Silly Willow!

Hope you liked our postcard. Still to come is Berlin day 5 and 6 by Jess. I've also been scanning another vintage magazine of mine.

Love Aimee xx


  1. The trip looks lovely, and you girls look fab! I'm actually thinking about moving to Brighton in a year or so (have to get into the school I want to go to first thouh)

  2. I love seeing your travel pictures, you all seem to have the most lovely adventures!! I adore both of your outfits, of course; Aimee's red coat is particularly delightful! I've only been to Brighton once, several summers ago; I think my greatest recollections of it were the beautiful Victorian aquarium and the burnt remains of the now-gone West Pier, so eerie!

  3. I want to drop everything right now and go gallivanting around Brighton! Love that giant jenga!

  4. looks like so much fun! I am quite jealous!

  5. looks like a fun trip!That food is making me hungry and the pups are too cute!

  6. Awww Willow is such a cutie! I havent been t Brighton in ages, I think ou might have inspired a trip. Loving the hat that Harriett found ( obvs) and Aimee you look beautiful in red. x

  7. Thanks Kelly-Marie, thanks Dakota! I got it from a charity shop a while ago.

    You all need to go to Brighton and treat your selves. Love it, love it! Report back if you go!! Aimee xx

  8. Aimee! We have the same name- just separate spelling!

    I ADORE your style.
    Beautiful girl.

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  9. So I have to know... what kind of blusher does Harriett use?! It's an amazing color!

  10. Harriett goes though all her make up here xx

  11. Oh my, you both are sooo lovely!


  12. fantastic post i was in brighton a few weeks ago and i love it!

  13. giant jenga... say WHAT?! i want to play giant jenga!

  14. Great post! Just wondering what shop that is that Harriet bought her hat from? I regularly go to Brighton and I don't recognise it but would love to have a rummage! Thanks! x

  15. My hat is from Snoopers Paradise flea market, the address is
    7-8 Kensington Gardens, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 4AL.
    You have to check it out next time you are in brighton, it honestly has
    the best vintage bargains the city has to offer !

    Harriett x