Monday, 26 December 2011

Readers, Can you help me??

ANITA BERBER(1899- 1928)

I hope you have all had the most wonderful Christmas full of the three 
key festive ingredients.  Family, friends and food! 

On December 29th I will be jetting off to Berlin for the forth time this
 year. I love this city so much so I couldn't imagine a more fitting place to
 celebrate the new year and my birthday on the 5th of January. I will be 
conducting this trip in full Weimar Republic style emulating the most 
eccentric cabaret star of the period Anita Berber. For those of you who 
aren't familiar with her antics Anita was often sited walking around hotel
 lobbies naked apart from a sable fur and a silver locket full of cocaine. She
 also had a pet monkey, but I think I'll stick with my mouse. 

My Plans for the trip involve a lot of drinking, record shopping and a fair 
bit of culture, I have plans to revisit the Bauhaus museum as well as the new
 national gallery. I was wondering if any of you wonderful readers have any 
advise for me on things I simply cannot miss! I know I have been to the city
 so many times now but I really just don't want to miss out on anything
 special there is too see. 

Also if we have any readers in Berlin who would like to meet up for a coffee
 or show me a part of their city I would love to meet you ladies so get in touch!

Lots of seasonal love and kisses
Harriett xx


  1. Arrgh, I just wrote you a long comment and now I deleted it accidentally :(
    Well :D Again, what I said is that I am not a "Berliner", but I was there once and loved the city too.
    In fact I am a german-small-town-girl and I was pretty impressed by the KaDeWe and the roof of the "Reichstag". If you werent there jet and you have time to queue up (but you have also to apply predated :/ ) I would recommend to go up there! The view is just AMAZING!
    A restaurant I want to suggest you, is the "12 Apostel", beautifull room and great food!
    Soooo, I just dont want to spend more time correcting this text, I think the first one was far better ;D

  2. So jealous of you going to Berlin as I have always wanted to go and see the architecture as well as the shopping!

    Also I was wondering if your friend Jess has stopped writing her blog as a man who really likes Wyoming seems to have taken it over?

  3. Hi Harriett,
    Have you been to the Film- und Fernsehmuseum on Potsdamerplatz? They have great permanent exhibition, fun design and they also have a tv-gallery where you can watch a whole lot 50s and 60s programming on your own individual TV screen. Their museum shop should also be exciting to you as it features a lot of cards and posters with old time German film stars :).

  4. hi harriet - have you been to the four storey humana at frankfurter tor? the top floor is just amazing :) or hav you been to garage at nollendorf platz? you can buy secondhand clothes by the kilogram.
    also, there is amazing nepalese food (they cater for vegans) on zossenerstraße in kreuzberg. the rock'n'roll herberge does vegan currywurst on thursday evenings (muskauerstraße 11) ... and have you been to the schwarzlicht mini golf at görlitzer park? it's not elegantly vintage but it is some tipsy fun! otherwise, i recommend a trip to the opera in charlottenburg. you may not understand a word, but you can dress to the nines and have champagne around a fountain! i moved back to australia from berlin recently, otherwise i'd definitely meet up for coffee! ooh speaking of which, go to the prinzessinengarten on the corner of oranienstraße and prinzenstraße in kreuzberg, it's a community garden which serves delicious beer and vegan food and you can buy plants from them too! okay i'm done now :) have fun!!

  5. You probably know about this but I think this is an interesting site.

  6. tomorrow i will hit the road to berlin, too. but i haven't been there for about four years, so i can't give a good advice where to go.
    my best friend told me that 'garage'-shop (kleidermarkt group), humana and oxfam are still great to get your hands on some nice bargains.
    so, good luck on thrift and vintage shopping! maybe we'll meet in one of these stores ;)

    happy new year!

  7. My parents just came back from there and said that the "junk" Christmas tree in one of the 60 (!) Christmas Markets was really awesome.

  8. Oh you're so lucky to spend NYE and your birthday in a city with so much wonderfully scandalous and exotic history! xo

  9. Wow, it's the first time I read this blog and it seems meant to be as my birthday has been the 5th of January too. For the past twenty years alas.
    Have a nice trip to Berlin!

  10. I am from germany and i am the biggest berlin fan eer :)
    you should visit the KaDeWe (big shop!)
    and the shopping area auround it.
    there are a lot of vintage shops especially in the older quarters, just look around :)
    I recommend the cafe in the big satellite tower (the one with the ball, this one:
    you have the most amazing view you can imagine and the cafe isn´t very expensive)
    have fun :)

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