Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Berlin Diary: Harriett's Holiday Snaps!

Hello Ladies! As you may be aware from a previous post I opted to spend this 
New Year and my 21st birthday over in Berlin with my good friends Anna and Beau!
I thought I would share my holiday photos with you, even if they are distinctly non 
vintage.. as well... there's more to me than clothes (sometimes!).

I also have to apologise for the range in quality of the pictures as they are from a selection 
of cameras. On a recent whim to get back in touch with my love of photography I have been 
using my film camera a lot more often so most of the exciting pictures still waiting to be 
developed. Once I have got round to it I am sure I will share them with you to! 

Every morning of my trip started with coffee at home in my cardigan.

And a Delicious breakfast of Avocado, rye bread and vegan sausage
and rocket salad. 

This is the only outfit snap I managed to take on the whole trip! 
On my First day I wore: 
Head Scarf: 1930s black lace veil
Blouse: 1980s Silk
Skirt: Edwardian Petticoat
Gloves: 1940s Leather
Shoes & Tights: Matalan

On the 31st it was time to celebrate!  Our New years eve  kicked off 
with fireworks off the balcony.

As well as a party with the nearest and dearest. This is the beautiful 
Anna in her early 50s Canadian mink coat. In the background is Julia
and Will, my other partners in crime for the trip. 

Just before midnight we headed out to the park to set off more fireworks.
Here's are ammunition all ready to go. 

The Beautiful Julia out side the planetarium with the biggest sparkler I have
 ever seen. That's a bottle of champagne on the path. 

Here's Anna drinking the champagne from a mug. 

When midnight struck things got a bit wild. I have honestly never
seen anything like it, hundreds of incredibly drunk people shooting
fireworks in every direction. 

The gang all stopped to take photographic evidence. 

The Guys at the end of the path had the best ones. 

At the end of the night I was so happy I was actually glowing. After positively
the shittiest year of my life so far, the start of 2012 could not have been more magical.
This is me with Beau and Will, the nicest fellas in town. As I feel that I should
write something about vintage fashion, my Great Grandmother knitted the
scarf I am wearing in the 60s whilst she was in the loony bin. 

I spent a lot of the trip just wondering around getting to know the city 
better. Here is the  obligatory sulking under an umbrella in Berlin 
photo! (see here). I am wearing Anna's fur coat, and a pink 30s
piano shawl to keep the rain off. 

This is me and most hosts taking a stroll through the U-bahn, on the way to
Kreuzberg to see our dear friend Mark from Wood Pigeon play a show.
After Anna and I would do our best to sell merchandise in incredibly
 broken German. 

Here's me outside the after show in my 50's mink and goatskin Harrods 
coat. I don't wear it a whole lot as the 50s is not really my era but by
god it is warm. 

When we got home Anna and I promised to watch the new episodes
of Ab Fab with Mark, but we may have just fallen asleep. 

The Next day I did some Skyping to friends back in London, before 
heading out to the New National Gallery and the German Film Museum 
both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. Unfortunately as an avid film
fan I didn't find the film museum as informative as I had hoped, 
however I understand most people  don't obsess over the history 
of cinema quite as much as I do. However the New National Gallery
was spectacular, they had a rather interesting exhibition on the Fluxus 

Speaking of works of art I saw this painted on the side of a super market
in Prenzlauer Berg and almost died of happiness 

On my birthday Anna took me for a walk to a fancy pants magazine 
store, where I found copies of Lula! I swelled with pride. If you are a new
reader and don't know about my connection with the magazine check 
it out here! We also went out for a wonderful dinner and then got stupid
drunk at Dr Pong and Neu Bar. But I was far to intoxicated for me to
 share those images with you all. 

At the end of the trip the lovely Anna Beau and Mark took me to a
laser show! Now I had no idea what this was before hand, so to
fill you in they shoot a bunch of lights through a smoke screen at 
a big dome and play Enya for an hour whilst you gasp with joy.  

Laser Show!!!!!

On my last night we went for a wonderful curry at a restaurant
just round the corner from the apartment. Here I am doing my 
best Charles Dickens character impersonation. I'm no one in
particular, just a lady with a candle. 

On the way hope I asked Anna to pose seductively on the bonnet of 
this car. This is what she did

Oh my God I love Berlin so much, I can't wait for my next adventure there!

Harriett xx 


  1. Amazing! Seeing your pictures of New Year's Eve made me feel all sentimental, I love German New Year's crazyness!x

  2. Aww Harriett so lovely to see that you were so happy there, it looks like you really did have a lovely time. That picture of you with the boys is the best, you really do look so happy. I have never been to Berlin but you girls are making it look like a dream. xx

  3. Glad you had a great time! Berlin looks lovely; I'm adding it to my list of places to visit. :)

  4. Oh, I love Berlin!
    And after reading this post I want to go back there even more! You obviously had a great time and New Year´s Eve must be enchanting in Berlin.
    I have one request to make - could you please white down a recepie for that avocado snack? Everytime I see it here on blog, I wonder what´re those spices and spread :)

  5. You looked gorgeous as ever....looks like a great trip!

  6. Beautiful pictures; Berlin looks marvelous, and so does your hair! Also Happy Birthday! I'd no idea you were so young!

  7. I like your outfits whether they're vintage or not. You're such a beautiful, young girl! And I can tell you, I also had the shittiest year in 2011 and unfortunately it doesn't seem to get better this year. But what can we do? Never loose our hopes and let's go on.

  8. I'm glad you had such a good time! And I bet 2012 is gonna be amazing! xxx

  9. Looks like a great holiday. Berlin's somewhere I've never been but would quite like to spend time. And, as some others have mentioned, your hair looks tremendous! x

  10. Oh I love Berlin want to go back! You look beautiful as ever love that black veil and piano scarf, jealous! Hope you have a better year than 2011! xxx

  11. What an amazing trip! I've never been to Europe but Berlin and London are on the top of my list for when I visit next year. By the way.... You are oh so dreamy <3 x

  12. Nothing better than a blonde in red lips! Specially when in Berlin :)

  13. that seductive pose at the end made me giggle so hard i startled my cat! i know you kept apologizing for the lack of vintage stuff, but i think it's always fun seeing fav vintage bloggers be real people too<3 im glad to see you are having a fresh & fun new year, 2012 is going to be fantastic!

  14. Ooh I really love this post - I think it's always really interesting and fun to get a peek into somebody's life! I'm glad you had a nice time, and happy (belated) birthday! <3

  15. Fantastic post. There is not one photo where you do not look amazing and stylish. x

  16. I went to Berlin last year and had such an amazing time, seeing your pictures has made me want to go back. As others have said, your hair looks gorgeous!

  17. Wow, you and Aimee have a confidence and elegance that had me believing you were both in your late twenties, I never would have guessed you just turned twenty-one. Such poise at such a young age promises great things.

    Jess xx

  18. my dear, you are so so beautiful, honestly!
    i love your hair! :)

    // take a look: *MICROPHONEHEART.

  19. Thank you for sharing your holiday snaps! I visited Berlin last July and fell head over heals, thanks for taking me back there! x

  20. cute blog!
    stop by and say hello.<3

  21. Oh I just love your hair! I was blonde once... then my old color grew back and I was to lazy to keep on.... stupid me!

  22. Oh, you are so gorgeous, Harriet. Your hair is to die for! I love all the outfits you put together for this trip, particularly the first one!
    Happy belated Birthday!!

  23. WOW ! this is gorgeous photography . Thanks for sharing holidays picture , you are great photographer .......
    stock Photos

  24. Love this Post. Just so you know - I noted my love for your scarf the instant I saw it and now I love it even more, clothing with known history is simply the best.
    Smiles Emma-Jean

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    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

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