Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow pun intended!

Okay, so if you don't live in London, even most of England you won't know that we can't cope with snow. It  snows about two or three times a year and everything is canceled. However, I still get that little kid feeling. Today I visited my Nan (who totally reads this blog, HI NAN) with my family and played in the snow with my sister.

I'm wearing
1950's cape - Charity shop
Mittens - Charity shop
Palazo pants - Primark 
1930's Bakelite hair piece - Spitalfields Antique market
1960's earrings - Charity shop
And a massive pair of Hunter wellies which you can't see! 

I threw my hair up and plaited a bit of it. Edwardian meets sixties/ lazy hickedy pickedy nonsense.

Tomorrow I start a costuming and researching internship. I'm really excited, but also nervous that the buses won't cope in the snow! 


Warm wishes,
Aimee xx 


  1. Oh your job sounds amazing, how on earth did you get into that? Your hair looks fantastic here too, higgedly piggedly chic

  2. Oh gosh the snow looked so lovely last night but when i woke up this morning it looked so disgusting and brown haha. apparently it's meant to snow again tonight and tomorrow! oh how i hope he does so that i don't have to go into college tomorrow.

  3. Beautiful Aimee! The snow has been magical but i'm sure I will be cursing it tomorrow morning. CONGRATULATIONS on your internship, so amazing. Fingers crossed all the transports running okay for you tomorrow. x

  4. This is such a gorgeous, fun post! I love how you style your hair too. Best of luck tackling the snow tomorrow, your new internship sounds envy-inducing! Well done! xx

  5. You look beautiful that cape is lovely, and your hair looks gorgeous. The internship sounds amazing, best of luck! I stayed in all day today, ice and driving do not mix hah xx

  6. Fantastic cape. My pug ate one of my vintage fur collars yesterday. Grrr...

    Best of luck with the new job, You have a very exciting life.


  7. The cape is a true beauty, but unfortunately in my climate (in Tallinn) it is impossible to wear such things during winter. Sob. Actually I would rather have your weather, really. Even with the buses not running and all chaos around, it would still be like 30-40 degrees warmer.

    Good luck ;)

  8. Oh your cape is incredibly gorgeous and looks so lovely on you - I'll bet it's super-warm. Yes, Brit transport grinds to a very painful halt at the first snowfall - unbelievable really. Good luck on your internship, I'd love to see pics of your adventures:)) xo

  9. Love your style (both of you) and your "questionable tastes"! <3 Will definitely come back here!

  10. What a bloomin' fabulous Blog. Bags o' style! Keep up the good work from one new follower.

  11. I hope you managed to make it to the job okay, when I lived in London everything used to shut down as soon as it started snowing, good to know it's only got worse! Good luck with the job, let us know how it goes, I'd love to hear all about it.