Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Dreaming

Hi all,
I've been really awful with posting lately because of a number of issues. My laptop broke, I've been uninspired but mostly because recently I've felt really unconfident about my appearance. I realise that this paragraph may seem like compliment fishing but I'd just like to be honest and express how I feel. Plus the key to my confidence has always been within (which has its positives and negatives).

I've had some troubled skin on my face and its completely wrecked my confidence recently. Despite how many people tell me that I'm making mountains out of mole hills (ironic ha), I've felt really down about it. Before this came around I felt pretty when walking down a street and until very recently I felt like covering my head with a scarf.

So despite the fact that all my favourite hairstyles are marcel waves, raised quiffs etc. I decided to cut in a fringe.

I feel brand new and a hundred times better.

Anywho this post wasn't meant to be about me wallowing. My haircut reminds me of the style I had when I ripped off Kate Bush at age sixteen. It was red, big and fringed. The lot. Thus I've been thinking about my obsession with her recently.

Its a common trait in a vintage lady to have some sort of alternative past and I'm no different. I went through the  different colours of the rainbow hair stage, the indie kid stage (absolutely scandalous at my dodgy East London comprehensive) and even that awful metal/goth/emo stage. And yet I can understand where those influences came from. Listening to The Strokes came from my Dad, dying my hair came from my Mum and the other awful stuff came from friends. I have no idea where my love of Kate Bush came from. I think I saw her performing 'Wuthering Heights' on an old Top of the Pops episode and I just 'got it'.

I have no idea why I've never discussed how much she influences myself and my style before. Her spirit and women like her never cease to inspire me. In a world where women are sold as passive sexual images rather  than for their art or their work, the non-compromisers are those that I feel really connected to. I have so much admiration for someone that says fuck the push up bra. I'm doing interpretative dance.

Although I can't say that I wear a lot of lycra, I love her hair, the glitter, the stage outfits and those dreamy lazy clothes she wore around the release of 'The Kick Inside'.

I didn't really mean to get all deep on you, but its funny what a hair cut can do. Here's some Kate Bush inspired moves for your viewing PLEASURE!

Thrifted silk blouse : Charity shop
Silk 1930s night gown: Snooper's Paradise 
Necklace: a present 
Hair flowers: a tree! 

Aimee xxx

P.s. Care to share an unlikely style icon?


  1. You look lovely! I adore your fringe, sometimes a new hair cut does wonders for how we feel. I always dye my hair differently to give myself that pick me up. Glad to know you're feeling better :)


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  3. You look fab darling! I think the Kate Bush look really suits you and think you might be spelling out "tack så mycket" there if my ancient language skills isn't completely out the window. ;)

  4. Realy cute hairstyle, I like it alot!:D Is it small flowers in your hair? It's however very cute! :)

  5. I can sympathize with you because a couple of years ago I went through the same thing. My skin was pretty good until I reached 20ish and then it just went crazy. It used to get me down so much. And it's not just that it looks bad, it can damn well hurt too! Your fringe really suits you though, and I'm sure your skin will clear up in time. Whenever mine starts to misbehave again, I just remind myself that spots aren't permanent and that so long as I leave it alone, it'll go. I think getting stressed about it just aggravates the skin more anyway.

    Now that I've had a mini rant about spots, I'll just say hi, I love your blog! I discovered it a couple of weeks ago and I think you ladies are marvelous.

  6. Ach, there's just something about having a fringe that lets you get away with lots of stuff. I've been rediscovering my forehead after deciding to grow my fringe out, and it has been a nervewracking experience!

  7. You know my favourite line in this post? Hair flowers - tree! LOL! V cute.

    I can relate, I had my hair BUTCHERED like you wouldn't believe about a year ago and no matter what I did, I looked (felt) ugly.

    My skin is a nightmare. I'm 37 and once a month I get big, blind pimples which I just cannot hide. :( But, it could be worse, right? I have two arms and two legs and my eyes work fine ...

    Anyway, I think you are hot and gorgeous and ridiculously stylish.

    Odd style icon - I LOVE Kelly Osborne's style, but no one else agress with me.

  8. At the ripe old age of 27 I still get break-outs, usually coinciding with visiting my parent's funnily.

    I love the fringe, but when I had out I felt limited with how I could style my hair.

  9. Dear Aimee, you look absolutely lovely, as always! I love your new hairstyle, and that first picture of you is so dreamy.

    I´m also a fan of Kate <3

  10. My breakouts stopped as soon as I started using natural skin products (tip: read 'The Green Beauty Guide' by Julie Gabriel!). I've detailed quite a lot of skincare products/brands on my blog too ;)

    My style icon has been Siouxsie Sioux since I was 15 ... and nothing much has changed! :)

  11. I love your fringe and I think it suits you nicely :) I just can't wait to see what hairdos you'll try. I have a fringe myself but my hair is straight and I'm so bad in setting my hair so I always feel too modern :)

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  13. I love this post!!!! I especially love what you say about Kate Bush. She is rad. A lot of strong female performers are inspiring and style stars like Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs is one for me and Joanna Newsom. Plus, you're so right about vintage ladies with an alt past. Why is that???!!! Probably because we're used to being "different" than the mainstream.

  14. 1. we can all relate! even if it's not skin, all ladies have insecurities that come and go (and are probably only noticed by ourselves anyways)... wait, why do we do this to ourselves? blerg, womanhood.

    2. love that your woman performer idol is kate bush - i think mine would be siouxsie sioux. even if i'm a 40s gal, how can i not be impressed by badass 80s women?

    3. new hair can make you feel 110% brand new! besides, once you are feeling up to it, there are plenty of lovely 30s & 40s styles that involve shorter hair in front - i envision some fab betty grable bangs soon enough!

  15. I sit typing here covered in sudocrem I have a massive boil like spot on my neck and spots all over my cheeks, they get me down but once I have put on my lips and brows I feel better, so I completely empathasise. You look fab with a fringe, and Kate Bush is the bees knees xxx

  16. Oh, I understand you completely! I've had a lot of skin trouble since I came into my twenties, so I definitely know the feeling. My best tip is to use skin products that are good for your skin, don't contain nasty chemicals and get a good and gentle foundation. I'm a big fan of lily lolo. You look absolutely beautiful in your new do, and I hope that you'll be up to posting more!

  17. Loved your dreamy style and printed floral outfit! You are looking awesome.

  18. I totally empathise, I've been having one of those times myself of late. I too have a very checkered style past, I've pretty much gone through them all! Fianlly just want to say that you look gorgeous, as always xx

  19. I can completely sympathise. It's horrible having bad skin in your twenties. I love Kate Bush as well but currently my unlikely style icon is Dot Branning in Eastenders! so random but I just think she's adorable and always so well put together, nails always painted etc. She reminds me of my nan who is sadly no longer with us so that's probably why I like her so much.

  20. Dear Aimee,

    You look very lovely in your pictures and I agree, it's wonderful how much of a pick-me-up a new 'do can be. Try not to worry too much about your skin, I turned 29 two weeks ago and am still prone to the odd break out, the problem with mine is because I also have very dry skin the spots then turn into dry/scabby patches. Nice. It sometimes makes me feel self conscious too but I try not to let it get me down and I use lots of products!!
    I also went through a lot of very similar sartorial incarnations to yourself and have never really settled into any one particular style. Kate Bush is also an influence on me, as are other 'directional' women such as Siouxsie Sioux, Florence Welch and anyone else who is uncompromising in the face of being told what is 'attractive' these days.
    I admire your confidence to be so influenced by Edwardian and early 20th century style, I'm not sure I'd be as brave!!

    Lis x

    p.s. from one fringe wearer to another, it looks fab!

  21. "I have so much admiration for someone that says fuck the push up bra. I'm doing interpretative dance."

    I heart her to. As does my mum - which is where I think my own obsesh comes from. KB rules.

    ps) as does your new fringette. Nothing like cutting off locks to make you feel like a new person.

  22. You poor thing... I can totally relate! I went through a period of time in my very early 20s that my skin was *gorgeous* and went for well over a year with nary a break out. (After my pimple-ridden teens!) But recently I've been having loads of problems again, and all I want to do half the time is hide because of all the bright red spots on my face and neckline. :p Been trying all sorts of stuff, but I suspect my problem is mostly stress (the last 12 months have been pretty rotten, and I don't cope well with stress. ;). *sigh* It's horrible going through skin problems--even though I know it'll clear up (one day... lol.)!

    Love your new fringe! I've always been rather jealous of girls who can pull off a good fringe--my face shape just isn't suited to it. ;) You look lovely!

  23. I'm agreeing with Casey on the stress front! My chin has exploded in sympathy to my dissertation stresses and I have what I affectionately refer to as a "spot beard" : )

    And I have to say you are looking lovely as ever Aimee! I adore the 30s nightdress.

  24. You look beautiful! I understand totally how you feel, I have a few moles on my face and relentless dry skin (although that part is nearly always fine now), it used to make me feel so rubbish about myself but I've grown to accept it. I think you look utterly lovely, and I thought I'd mention that this really is my favourite blog and you two girls are my constant source for inspiration. X

  25. Hi Aimee,
    Sorry to hear you've been feeling a bit rubbish; the dreaded cold & wind don't help our skin much either! If it helps at all, I'm in my early 30's now and my skin still gives me grief! I actually had my skin analysed in one of those weird machine things today (you may have seen them in Boots) and they highlight all your problem areas. I was told my skin is very dehydrated with oily bits & areas of redness. I'm afraid I DID buy the products recommended to tackle these things, as I'm getting married in Oct & want to look fabulous! LOL!

    I think your fringe looks great, it suits you :) I have been thinking of getting a fringe cut for a while as I would like a change, but my sister told me yesterday that 'we' (as in her & I) don't suit fringes,and as she has a pretty good eye for what looks good I'll have to trust her on this one.

    I've never really thought about who my style icons are; I guess I love Dita for her polished look, but equally I do envy amazingly stylish ladies such as yourself & Harriet. I look up to all the ladies whose blogs I read x

  26. The fringe looks really lovely! You're so lucky to be able to pull off this kind of hairstyle, I've tried and I just can't keep up with it. :/

    Rodellee | Adore Vintage

  27. Hi Aimee, My Darling girl Dont't put so much pressure onto yourself, Iv been a fan of your blog for ages :-) I never come seek you out to see these floors you know mention, I seek you out as a fellow vintage loving miss placed wondeful free spirited girlie that you are.
    “Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.”
    - Marilyn Monroe.
    Jane aged 44

  28. Another Kate Bush admirer, excellent woman! I have always had such a thing for her and Stevie Nicks, and Sandy Denny had a wonderful voice, too.

    I have had my share of bad skin in years gone by, it's very unpleasant, makes one feel dreadful and it can hurt like hell, I sympathise. You look lovely, though, and I'm in love with the print on your frock.

  29. 13/3/12 - BARGAIN HUNT LADIES!!!! I'm off work sick and yo lovely kittens are brightening up bargain hunt for me. Yayyyy!! :)

  30. I absolutely adore Kate bush - I have a huge love and respect of her and, in addition, she looks gorgeous in the photo you chose. I particularly like her in the Wuthering Heights video.
    Cool blog post - I really like what your wearing, though it's your hair that really makes me smile (I really love it, and wish I could have something like that)
    Very stylish and lovely post!

    PS: I love the name because of the play on 'Bright Young Things' :)

  31. I love kate bush..also Bjork is my odd style icon..everyone dissed the swan dress but I like that she has her own kooky style and doesn't care what anyone thinks!

  32. This is one enchanting blog! I loved reading through old posts! :) You two are absolutely lovely and gorgeous - you really shouldn't feel in any other way!

    The picture of Kate Bush with the ivy... I'd love to recreate it.

  33. so cool ;)


  34. I discovered your blog the other day and I read through all your old posts and think it's just perfect :)

    You've inspired me to start my blog again and make it more me (still a working progress!) so thank you.

    I look forward to reading your next post x