Monday, 19 March 2012

Lady and the Scamp

So for the first Sunday in about 4 months, we woke up without hangovers! Saturday is always mine and Aimee's night out on the tiles which inevitably will end in us crawling home around half 6 on the sunday morning and waking up mid afternoon with a pair of cracking headaches and wobbly tummies. 

It was an absolute novelty to have a whole sunny Sunday to enjoy. We thought what better an occasion to get dressed up and take some snaps to share with you some of our favourite spring outfits of the moment.  

Introducing the Scamp!
Harriett wears 
1930s Boater Hat: Lewes
Edwardian Vest: Spitalfields Antique Market
Edwardian Slip: Charity shop
Grey Tights: Primark
Edwardian Stockings: Lewes
Leather Boots: Rokit Vintage

And the Lady!
Aimee Wears
Dried flowers: Columbia road
Thrifted Blouse: Charity shop
Necklace: Gift. 
1950s Pearls: Her Nan's.
1930s Nightgown: eBay
1980s Teddy: Her mothers
Tights: Primark 

After doing some posing we pottered down the flower market, bought Aimee's Ma a pot plant, then headed to the pub! Let me just say we may not have been hungover sunday morning, but are both feeling a little on the delicate side today! 

Harriett & Aimee xx


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    1. Ah lovely - I'm always in awe how you pull off such whimsical outfits - gorgeous!x

  2. Nothing better than a fresh, hangover free Sunday. Nothing rarer either, if you're me!!

    Loving that boater and rolled-down stockings look.

  3. You two look darling, love that slip Harriet! x

  4. You're both looking stern but seductive. I like the soft colours of your clothes.

  5. I let out a yelp of joy when I saw this post - fair to say I've been religiously checking for a while now. You're both fantastic and the outfits are wonderful. X

  6. I love both your outfits, so great! So spring feeling.


  7. You both look gorgeous, I love your outfits! x

  8. I feel lucky when I don't have a weekend hangover, too:)
    You guys are beautiful!

  9. As usual I'm completely amazed by your clothes! xxx

  10. You two! Seriously! Amazing! I think we have far too much in common, it' s just silly. Looking forward to meet you both very much. xxx

  11. Amazinggg!!!You're both fantastic :)

  12. So glad I found your Blog, Love it.


  13. Completely, utterly gorgeous!
    -Andi x

  14. Impressed... as always! Beautiful... as always! I love your blog, you two are so gorgeous :) Hugs from sweden!

  15. You too are so amazing! And hats off to you for finding Edwardian clothing in a charity shop! xx

  16. Oh how beautiful you are! Edwardian style is so gorgeous. How do you find all these clothes? Any tip?
    Love jenny

  17. Love the outfit darlings, both of you look absolutely vintage goddess. Love the style dear.

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  18. Both of your styles are absolutely amazing!

  19. Oh my, you both look perfectly ethereal!

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny

  20. both of you are absolutely stunning!
    love your outfits! :)

    // take a look: *MICROPHONEHEART.

  21. Harriett your hair is incredible its like silky clouds with magic fairy dust stars haha and Aimee Oh my goodness that nightgown has the hemline of the frothiness of the ocean waves, definitely a perfect ebay find!!!!

  22. Lovely pictures! Love the style and make-up:))

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  24. This post is just stupendous! The colors are absolutely gorgeous, and both of you are as well! Thank you so much for sharing <3

  25. girls you are both wonderful!! <3