Sunday, 1 April 2012

A Peak Inside Harriett's Home.

Inspired by a recent post from Stella over at  Confessions of a Female Drag Queen I thought I would share with you guys a glimpse inside my home! I share a flat with four others in Shoreditch, East London just at the end of the wonderful Columbia Road. Our kitchen and bathroom aren't too exciting so I shalt bore you with snaps of our tumble dryer. Instead here's a peak into my room, stuffed full with all the clutter I'm sure you imagined it to have. 

I am lucky to have such a large room in London, especially one with two
 huge sash windows.  Over them I hang some of my favourite sheer clothing 
and Victorian bodices. On the right of my dressing table  is my 1967 Hacker 
record player and the sewing area. To the left is the sofa and coffee table.

This is where Aimee and I lye and watch Peep Show! The bed linen is
 Cath Kidston, Crochet throw, pillows and pink 30s piano shawl from
Lewes antique stores. The little glass covered 30s side table belonged to 
my Nana, she bought it back to the UK from when she lived in Singapore 
in the 60s.

This little office area is where I study and blog. I found the wooden desk 
in courtyard behind my building and made Aimee help me carry it up the
three flights of stairs to my apartment. Sorry about the little pile of shoes on
my sofa, didn't realise they were there! 

Another shot of my desk. I'm terribly embarrassed about how grimy my 
lap top screen looks, its really not that dirty, its the lighting a swear! 

Here's my little sitting room area. I have a wonderful large brown leather arm 
chair which usually sits next to the sofa but my clothing rail has recently
collapsed so I need it to hold it up against the wall! Above the sofa is another 
of my 20s flapper dresses, this ones is sadly a bit to delicate for day to day wear.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing inside my room, Aimee and I bought some really 
exciting bargains this weekend so stay tuned for some outfit posts, Edwardian 
skirts, 30's slips and celluloid sun glasses await !

Love Harriett xx


  1. Oh, so cute! I always love dresses and things hanging on the walls.


  2. It's a beautiful room! My mum and her family also lived in Singapore in the 1960s and all of our houses are full of little trinkets from there!

  3. Stealing some of these ideas! So gorgeous, as per.

  4. Hello!

    First, I love your blog, I have rekindled my love of palazzo pants entirely because of Aimee and since my favourite pastime is typing 'edwardian' into etsy, I am very excited for the next post.

    I wanted to ask, not just you, but your (clearly very) discerning readers. I am off for a weekend in Bath (I'm from Dublin) with boyfriend. I am dedicating a day to vintage and charity shopping and is there anywhere that I should go (surrounding areas too!). And is there anything else I shouldn't miss, that I could do with the boyfriend? I realise, H & A are based in London, but I don't know any blogs based in the area and I figure someone could make a recommendation!

    Thanks and lots of girl love

    1. Hi Claire, thanks for the love! Afraid neither of us have Bath experience. We'll repost this on our Facebook at

      hehehe lots of girl love to you too sweetie! Let me know what you find as I may be visiting bath soon. xx

    2. Hello Claire,
      i thought i'd just quickly mention that when i was in bath last year (i'm from Melbourne) i stumbled across Vintage to Vogue, tucked away down a side street. Admittedly didnt actually buy anything from there, but it was a lovely shop to browse.

      Wish i was going back to Bath (or the Uk in general), have a lovely time!


  5. So lovely!! Hoping that when I move to London in September I'll be able to make my room look half as beautiful as this x

  6. What a lovely room and like you say, big for London, lucky girl, I am feeling a little jel right now x

  7. omg omg OMG! I could go on, but I worry I will sound like an idiot. ;) It's just amazing, like a dream.

    I love the area where you live, I used to work in Old street for 6 years, so naturally, I hung out in Shoreditch a lot! (I currently reside in Canada)


  8. It looks so lovely, like a museum where you can live in ! :D

    - Jip

  9. I too like to incorporate my clothes into my interior design. What a nice space!

  10. What a beautiful space; it looks so calm and elegant. I too hang up my most delicate antique garments; my old roommates thought I was mad, but they're just as beautiful as as a work of art, as your space proves!

  11. Such romantic, feminine things :) Lush.

  12. such a dreamy little place. as a new follower I can't wait to see more :)

  13. Oh what a divine wee nest you live in! I'm so glad to hear that others have the eternal problem of collapsing clothing racks, not just me! I'm having a right lovely perve at all your glorious frocks and stoles hanging off the walls and your pictures and dried bunches of flowers are magical:)) xoxo

  14. Your room is oh so dreamy!! Just how I imagined it would be! xx

  15. Bursting with loveliness, only one thing missing ... a cat.

  16. What a darling space! I love how you have clothes hung on the wall about the room; I did that in our last apartment and loved the color it added to the walls. :) Thanks for sharing a peek inside your space!

  17. Divine, such a heavenly living space xx

  18. This is so lovely and I'm so jealous! I'm actually embarrassed as you've seem the house I share with three men and everytime it was really messed! xxx

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  20. OOO so pretty! This makes me want to clean my place almost :P
    -Heather Jean

  21. ahh, your room is so lovely! :)

  22. What a beautiful room, it feels so spacious and I love that your precious vintage pieces can be out on display. xox

  23. what a lovely room, great blog!

  24. oh this room is truly adorable.

  25. Love your room! You've made such a good use of the space, inspiring me to perhaps shuffle a few things round our little den in Brighton.

    Got any trips planned to Brighton again?

    Hope you have a lovely time in Berlin, I fell in love when I went in December, you should definitly try to pop into the DDR Hotel - Ostel, in the East, they even have a DDR themed restorant next door! I put up some pictures after we went in December, you should take a peek :)


  26. Your room is amazing! Can't believe it's tucked away in Shoreditch, so lovely that it's so big

  27. I got very inspired by these photos of your little den :D It looks pretty much how I imagined it too look like, very sweet, a bit dusty and decadent, but very "you". Thank you for sharing these lovely photos! KissKiss!

    Rhia from