Friday, 25 May 2012

By Katie Holt

Hello favourites!  We're back from dreaded dissertation bitch fits! We're now lying in bed in Berlin (holidaying is such hard work boohoo) listening to Serge Gainsbourg; wondering which bar will get the absolute PLEASURE of having our fine English arses sitting at their stalls. Thanks for your sweet as messages, we're having such a great time so far and can't wait to share it with you.

Any who, this post is about sharing the uncompromising fabulousness which is Katie Holt. We met Katie drunkenly (when in Rome!) at Blitz Party so long ago and have happily bumped into her numerous times since. When she asked capture our souls with her magic box, well, we were absolutely delighted! We were even more delighted when we saw the finished photos.

There are many other portraits etc Katie took of us, but this is the one we had the most input in and is so 'us' that we couldn't wait to share.

Harriett wears:
 30s cape
 20s-tap pants 

Aimee wears:
Thrifted lace teddy
Edwardian collar 
Thrifted shirt 

The photograph is primarily inspired this twenties photograph below which we found via tumblr. However, the idea is also inspired by a lot of Edwardian/twenties pornography which features women who have that weird incestual sisterly thing going on.      

Visit Katie and contact her her via her tumblr.  Massive thanks and love to her for all her hard work and the great day we had with her. Stay tuned for more of her work. 


Aimee and Harriett 


  1. Very nice. Love the light! The collar is perfect:)

  2. Too much beauty in one place! Loving your source of inspiration, Katie's a clever lady. xxx

  3. How beautiful, your are both looking gorgeous as usual! x

  4. amazing as always! I just love the cape and the edwardian collar and the top and the teddy and the photo and ... well I guess I love all about it :DDD


  5. That's so beautiful! Is it wrong to say I'm in love? Sorry Josh...! xxxx

  6. oooh, you both look so so lovely!

    (and i've just read your "we're all going on a... summer holiday...!"-post;
    i live in berlin and it would be a pleasure to me to spend some time with you two! perhaps going to some flea markets or 2nd hand shops?! :))
    and tomorrow there's a really great 20s party, i think that's to your taste!
    i would be pleased to see you there! :)

  7. "tomorrow" means today, after sleeping... ;)

  8. Ladies, this is utterly STUNNING. Congrats on finishing your dissertations!

  9. Amazing. I love the sort of faux-innocent sensuality of these photos. They are haunting. Well done to Katie, and congratulations to you both for taking such a lovely photo! x

  10. Looks fabulous! I love that you guys are weirdly trapped in netting - like some bizzare half-mermaid catch of the day. Also, you should give that cape to me.

  11. You two look absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on getting through your dissertations unscathed!

  12. Such a gorgeous photo of the two of you.....breathtaking. You both look amazing :)

  13. That photo is stunning! I hope you're having a good time on your well deserved break in Berlin!

  14. My god Aimee, you do look just like Kate Bush in that photo. How talented Katie is! x

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  15. This is a amazing picture! I love that you did it so dark and mysteriously. Love it <3
    I reposted and link to you on my blog, here:

  16. Love this image, you both look absolutely heavenly. I'm so glad you showed the inspiration behind it too - it just shows how well executed the whole thing is..Love love love it! <3

  17. All I can think is: OMG. That photo is STUNNING.

  18. So, so beautiful. 1920s pornography must have been amazing!

  19. Stunning photo!

    Idda van Munster

  20. What lovely, tasteful photgraphs, you look stunning. Most definitely nothing to do with porn, this is art!

  21. so amazing xo