Sunday, 6 May 2012

Guest Post: Sophie!

Hello lovely Bright Young Twins readers,

Let me introduce myself. I am Sophie, a friend of Aimee's and Harriett's. Those two are currently very busy finishing off uni coursework, so I am doing a guest blog to give you something to read and look at in the meantime.

I am a big online shopper, absolutely love ebay and have often managed to find some really good deals there. As this is the first blog post I have ever written, I thought I'd share some of my vintage ebay buys with you today. Oh and please excuse the boring conservatory setting of my photos. The rain in London just would not allow for the more interesting background of my garden.

First off is my lovely and very practical 1940s tweed jacket. It was one of my first vintage ebay buys and was badly photographed, so I managed to get it for only £10. It is nicely tailored and fits very well over my winter cardigans. It has a pretty pink silk lining, leather buttons and its original tag, which says “J. Nissen, 20 Conduit Street”. Oh, and it also seems to look good with almost anything - always a plus!

1. 40s tweed

This is my gorgeous 20s/30s lace blouse, which was a steal at only £5! I just could not believe it when I managed to get it for that little. I love wearing it and it has become my absolute favourite top.

2. lace blouse

Here is a close-up of the lace. Isn't it just stunning?

3-1. lace detail

This blouse was another incredible buy. For only £3.80 I managed to get this floral quilted 30s top, perfect for an English spring. It had a few stains and some rusty buttons, which obviously put many buyers off. I replaced the original rusted covered buttons and managed to get a lot of the staining out through some delicate soaking of the blouse.

4. quilted blouse

The last piece I want to share with you today is my beautiful 1930s floral bias-cut evening dress. This had simply been listed as a “Vintage Dress” and the seller did not know what he or she was selling. I paid £10.50 and am still very excited about it, as it also fits me perfectly.

5-1. 30s evening dress

Do you shop on ebay? And if so, have you had any great finds lately?

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my vintage buys. I have many more fantastic items and maybe I can share some more with you another time.

Sophie x

(ed. Can I please immediately borrow that lace blouse Sophie?)


  1. Love all your finds, wow! That quilted jacket is so darling, I've never seen anything quite like it here in the states. I always get so overwhelmed by eBay but you've inspired me to give it another go!

  2. Oh my! That lace blouse is just amazing! I think every reader will visit ebay directly after seeing the photos and prices :D
    Wow. I love all your finds.
    Gonig to ebay now, bye ;D

  3. Dear Sophie, it was nice to meet you. You're looking very pretty and I like your vintage finds especially the floral top and the lace blouse. I think you are a perfect friend for Aimee and Harriett. Would like to see you three in a pic someday. Best wishes!

  4. Haha glad you approved!

    There is even a photo here of us with Jeni yesterday and Fluer De Guerre, don't say I never get you anything ;)

    A xx

  5. Beautiful Sophie, Queen on the Ebaying. I heart Ebay because it lead me to meeting you. I dont think I have ver told you but I think you are so pretty .Ahem.. Girl crush. :) xxxxx

    1. :) You are gorgeous yourself, sweetie!! I also love ebay for "introducing" us!! :) xxxx

  6. that evening gown - HOLY COW! what a beautiful, stunning steal!

  7. you look stunning!!!!! i love your dress its beautiful! i always love looking at you pictures very unique looks you have sweetie :)

    wishing you a lovely weekend,
    TheRitzyFlapper (Alicia)

  8. Thank you everyone for all your lovely comments!! I am glad I have inspired some of you to go ebay hunting. :)

    Sophie x


    Lovely to meet you, great post.


  10. Goodness your finds are amazing! You look so good in them too. :)

  11. How is it even possible to find stuff so awesome on ebay? never had any such luck or success at hunting clothes down on ebay, let alone actually making a good deal! All of your finds are beyond amazing, really.

  12. awesome finds!

    actually i prefer to go on treasure hunt on flea markets and local thrift stores... but since my foot starterd hurting (BROKEN) i couldn't live without ebay. lately i found some great 50s/50s like pieces ...

  13. Gorgeous finds and all such steals! x