Friday, 1 June 2012

Bright Young Twins Bewilder Berlin: Week 1

Hello Ladies and Gentleman, as I am sure a few of our readers are aware, we
are currently one week into our month long stay in the glorious city of Berlin!
We've decided to bring you updates of our trip in 3 instalments to prevent from
barraging you all like an irritating auntie with our holiday photos. 

Today we bring to you a round up of images from our first week, it involves
booze, boating and billiards. Oh and vintage, I promise you there is vintage. 

On our first day we decided to go out  for some lunch, I lost the silk flower 
I am pinning on an hour after I bought it : ( what a dum dum. 

Aimee does her best Nicole Richie Impersonation. 

We ate a Vegan Tempeh Sandwich from Majas Deli

Later we drunk delicious ice green tea and mint drink made for us by our 
beautiful host Julia

This was taken when we went to visit the old apartment of our dear friends Anna 
and Beau, the gracious hosts of our previous Berlin trips before they sadly returned
 to their home land, Canada.

Aimee experienced a brief breakdown, it was all too much.

I bought this 40s photograph and 20s note paper from a local junk
 shop for around 2 euro.

This mural of Marlene Dietrich is by a local U-bahn station, we use it as a
meeting point when out gallivanting after dark with friends. 

On Saturday we visited our favourite spot in Berlin, the boating lake in 
Tiergarten, if you have been with us for a while you might remember it
from our trip last June. The weather and lighting was so beautiful we took a few 
snaps of our outfits.

Palazzo Pants & Ballet Pumps - Primark
Edwardian Camisole - Flee Market
Edwardian Table Cloth (worn as shawl) - Lewes 
1920s Boater Hat - Lewes 
Broach and Ribbon - Charity Shops 

1940s House Dress - Beyond Retro
Necklace - Gift from Ex Boyfriend
Vintage Lace Scarf (worn as belt) - Ebay
Mixed Bakelite Bangles - Charity Shops 
Silk Flowers - Gift from Harriett

I found a pretty purple flower to press and send to someone I admire.

Then I made Aimee do some posing on a bridge. 

This is a building which looks like a big boob. 

Now as you can imagine we have spent a fair amount of this trip completely
pickled on prosecco. Darling Julia lent me her rather snazzy flash for my slr 
camera, allowing me to live out my fantasy as a cutting edge VICE style 
photographer, check out that contrast... SO EDGY!

This is our friend Jesua, he has amazing socks. 

Aimee bought this dress from a little junk store that does house clearances  
for around 7.50 euros, it has adorable little heart shaped pockets at the waist. 

In the evening we went to a billiards hall in Prenzlauer berg to play pool. 
Aimee turned out to be quite the hustler. I was completely hopeless.

We shall leave you with some nice shots of us after dark by the 
Marlene mural. I've been interested in getting back into photography
for a while and Aimee has been acting gracefully as my model and 
muse throughout this trip!

As I am sure you can tell we have been having the most wonderful time,
do check back in a week for the next round, I can promise you flea markets, 
photo booths, spa trips, swimming and plenty of outfit posts to keep you 
guys inspired.

All our love
Harriett & Aimee xx


  1. You both look gorgeous, as always. I never had much interest in visiting Berlin, but your posts from there and sheer love of the city has made me change my mind. I hope your next three weeks are equally inspiring, and I can't wait to see more! xx

  2. Right that's IT! I am returning to Berlin in the lovely summer months. I went with my sister in March, which was awesome but cold.
    And I need new old clothes.

  3. You two are a delight to behold love everything you wear, and I miss Berlin the boob building is my favourite xx

  4. Lovely photos and outfits.

    That building sure does look like a booby!

  5. Ladies, you are exquisite as ever. Can't wait for the next instalment!

  6. You guys are making me want to go to Berlin so bad!!! Dammit another place to add to my huge list of places to see:)
    hope you guys have amazing time!!
    Jess x

  7. I love Germany! I love Berlin! It’s a city that seems to be living still on its own past. You can easily feel that while you walk through its streets, it’s in its buildings, it’s in its cafés, and it’s even reflected on the advertising.
    Berlin was the place to be in the 1920s, just as it is again today!!!
    Can't wait to visit Berlin this year too.
    Hope you are having a good time there. This photos are beautiful as always, can't wait to read the next post...
    I want moreee photos!

    All my love,
    Idda van Munster

  8. Absolutely stunning photos guys love your clothes!

  9. you both look just beautiful!!!! :) i love the pictures as always! :) you two look like you had such a blast! :)

    wishing you a lovely day,
    TheRitzyFlapper (Alicia)

  10. Your blog is just so great. You look like such classy, elegant ladies, and then you take photos of buildings that looks like boobs. It makes me crack up and love you even more. Nothing is more alienating than a vintage fashion blog that takes itself too seriously.

    1. Thank you! This is one on the best comments we have received, although we love clothes and old crap, we don't want the blog to be too pretentious, its important that we show that dressing up is supposed to be fun and silly as well as creative, xx

    2. Mission definately accomplished. Now if only I could spell definately...

  11. girls, those picture look like you had a great time in berlin! ... you were dressed as great as always ...

  12. It looks like you ladies are having a fabulous time and being as beautiful as always. Can't wait for the next instalment. xxx P.S Aimee the picture of you on the bridge and Harriett the picture of you on the boat = AMAZING! xxxx

  13. These are fantastic, across the sea are the marvelous dreams that Europe holds! I am so envious!

  14. "It looks like a big boob" - ha ha ha!

    More!! More!

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  16. i just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it!!!

    I particularly like when u wear things from the 30's and from the edwardian era, i have always wanted to wear this kind of item but im not good at combining! dont stop blogging :-)


    1. Thanks sybil! We are so glad you like the blog. We don't really put that much thought into how to combine items from different decades either, we live more by the rule of 'shove it on and see what happens.' xx

  17. Berlin is still on my 'to visit' list.
    What of a pitty that you lost your pin, it looked stunning!

  18. Oh, Berlin! How I'd love to go. The city seems to fit you two and your style. :)
    Love the photos of you both on the boat, by the way.

  19. The 20s note paper killed me, and as usual your outfits killed me! You guys killed me 3 times!!!!!!!!!