Sunday, 25 November 2012

We're not Dead!

We just moved house.... together!!!!! It's been a long time coming but we finally share a home together in Lower Clapton. It's a big 5 bedroom Victorian house and despite its quirks we are making it feel cosy. Hence why we have been pretty absent from the blog world lately. Naughty us. However we changed out of our pyjamas for a stroll along Chatsworth road Sunday market today, and since we've had a lot of feed back asking 
for more outfit posts we thought we would share what we wore.





1960s Dress: Mauer Park flee market Berlin 
1960s Boots: Arkonaplatz flee market Berlin
Tights: Borrowed from Aimee
Floral Head dress: Handmade by me at Lady of the Flowers. Contact to order your own! 




1980s Dress: Gift from Pandora
Kimono: Vintage Arcade. 
Cat Earrings: Charity Shop
Oval Necklace: Gift
Cross Necklace: Antique Store in Berlin
Tights: Primark
Shoes: Office

The sign we are posing in front of  may or may not have been stolen from outside our neighbours garden by our flatmates after a heavy night, if by any chance our neighbours are reading this... Sorry.

Harriett & Aimee xxx


  1. Wow....such great style you guys have!

  2. I love this dress, Harriett! You girls look amazing!
    Let me know when you want to do those photos xxx

  3. Oh my you girls make my sartorial heart flutter, absolute perfection! Please keep the ensemble posts coming, and I want to see your house! xxx

  4. LOVE!!! Oh my goodness Harriet your dress!! Congrats on your new pad ladies. xx

  5. Wow, you both look so beautiful. The beading on Harriet's dress is phenomenal. Looking forward to more outfit posts as there is no one else blogging outfits like you two! Hope you are getting settled in the new place, it sounds wonderful :) xxxx

  6. Totally gorgeous outfits, you both look stunning! And I'm totally in love with that amazing flower head dress, will have to check out your website Harriett, it would've gone brilliantly in my latest evening dress post :) Enjoy your new home!


  7. I'm glad you are back!
    The new house sounds wonderful and I can't wait to see what you've done with the place!

    Both of you look gorgeous as ever!

    Aimée x

  8. You both look divine!

    So glad to know you've not abandoned the blog, love reading your posts

    Brogan x

  9. Both of your dresses are amazing! Your new home sounds lovely!

  10. Oh glad the house situation finally worked out!

    Love the outfits, you both look so glam, I can't help thinking though you must be cold! I swear I am turning into such an old woman.

  11. Oh darlings! You look wonderful, relaxed and happy. I am so glad you found a house to live in and for me to stay in when I come over. I need the address so that I can send you some christmas gifts...

    And please post images of the house!



  12. This is so stunning I am breathless. You are true geniuses.

  13. Ah, you guys looks gorgeous as always.
    I hope the search for models for Lady of the Flowers is working in your favour :)

    Good Morning Angel.

  14. Congratulations on moving in together! I'd love to see photos of how you've decorated the place, as you've both got such exquisite style. Wonderful outfits, I particularly like your dark plum lips. xox

  15. HOW are you both so beautiful?! Amazing.

    Ruby xx

  16. Just breathtakingly AMAZING, as ever, you two!!!! Congratulations on your new digs!!!!

  17. Truly breathtaking, as per usual. Harriet, I need one of your head pieces and Aimee, your outfit is no words!! The 80's/20's throwback looks so authentic. Love it xoxo

  18. Girls, you look amazing. It's so great to see younger people doing this, everyone seems to have become so staid and afraid to look different etc. I'm from an older age group and we always went to town at that age.

  19. So great to hear you have moved in together....what fun!!!! :)

  20. You both look stunning! Your dresses are to die for.
    How exciting you now live together!


  21. You both look awesome. Now, I'm dying to see your new house.

  22. Ooh, I am excited to see what you do with your new home. I hope you'll share pictures!

  23. Nice one! I once sharehoused with 8 people... we had some epic parties and some epic, bond-destroying messes.

  24. Super, smashing, lovely pictures!! I just love a good photoshoot. xxx

  25. When I was twenty (that makes me sound more ancient than my 29 years, I know) I lived in a house with my closest girlfriend. We had matching nightgowns and a sewing room. We drank Miller High Life after work, went to bed early, and woke at dawn for our waitressing jobs at a local diner.

    I love living with my partner now, of course, but this post made me super nostalgic!

    Also, that black mini dress is just AMAZING! The details! It's gorgeous!

  26. Wow the black dress is amazing!
    You both look great as usual =]
    Can you lovely ladies suggest any good Vintage websites?
    I go on Rokit but have you got any other websites that you would be able to suggest please

    1. Hey Jade-Liza, thanks! Please check the side bar (on the right) xx

  27. I have just nominated you for the Laine Blogger Award :) Go check it out:

  28. Hey- i can't get enough of your blog! i've never seen anyone with style like you two before, it's addictive! i was reading through all your old posts, and on one called 'how to be glamorous' (or something similar to that), you said that on nights out you need to be warm. i totally agree, hate seeing girls wearing very little in sub-zero temperatures, but i was wondering if you had any tips for being nicely warm outside, but not being encumbered with a coat over your arm or ending up being too hot once you actually get into a club? it's such a tough balance :/ thanks! x

  29. Girl, your blog is amazing.. I'm totally in love with it, just discovered and already become an addiction! would you like following each other? Let me know <3

  30. New house! How exciting. What fantastic dresses. Hope you're having a happy holiday season!

  31. You´re so stunning ladies!:)

  32. Very Inspiring Blogger Award:
    Happy New Year! x

  33. Awesome post! And I love your blog:)
    Follow each other?:)